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Fáilte romhat! is é do bheatha

Crann na beatha, (pronounced crown na be'ha) The Tree of Life, symbolizes the formation of a new community in ancient Gaelic/Celtic traditions. The clan chieftains and druids would dedicate an Oak tree to build the village around to be the hub of the community where important meetings where held and the Seanchaithe (storytellers) and Filidhe (bards) would ply their trade.
The ancient Gaels regarded the root system as a physical doorway, penetrating the earth to the spiritual world below where the Fae live, the branches are the connection to the sky and the Gods, and the trunk (the middle world where we live) connects the spiritual world to the sky.

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My name is Terrance Ó Domhnaill. I am of Irish descent and a follower of modern Druid traditions.
I am a semi-retired writer and podcast host now, after several other successful careers. One of which was a long career in the military. Which is why my patron is Lugh Lámfada of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient Gaelic hero of warriors and the many skilled.

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