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Crann na beatha


Céad Fáilte romhat! is é do bheatha

A Thousand Welcomes to You

Come in, sit you down while I bring you newsletters and the odd story or poem in the blog, my podcasts, and other interesting things.

Your journey into my world of the ancient Gaels starts at the home page which tells visitors a little about the mythology of this site and a little about me. On the menu bar at the top of every page, you will find links to every thing I have created to take your mind off things for a wee bit.

For visitors to whom English and Irish may not be your first language, I have set up a Google Translation link on the Home Page to allow visitors to change the site language to one they prefer. If you choose to continue, click the Home Page link below to begin your journey. I bid thee welcome and merry meet.

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